Kobe Summit by the Next Generation with Ms. Hiraki

  • July 9, 2015
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with Ms. Hiraki
July 9 (Thursday), 2015, from 13:20 to 14:50

Room 312 in the main building of Rokko-dai Campus at Kobe University

Organized by
the seminar group led by Prof. Shimada in Faculty of Business Administration at Kobe University

Unfortunately, Kobe City was not selected as a venue of Summit 2016 in Japan. However, Ms. Hiromi Hiraki and I would like to hold " Kobe Summit by the Next Generation " in Kobe University.

Ms. Hiraki is a member of Kobe City Assembly since 2007. She stayed in USA for several years before pursuing a career as the assembly member. She would like to listen to young people's opinions from the international viewpoints. I will facilitate the discussion among the students from different countries, and Ms. Hiraki will give them her overall comments on their ideas. We will discuss the following issues.
 1.What is good in Kobe?
 2.What should change in Kobe?
 3.What should be the role of the universities in Kobe, especially Kobe University?

Anyone from Kobe University is welcome to listen to the discussion and provide us with their comments. No registration is required in advance. We will upload the video and/or photos on the web site of Kobe University after the event. In addition, Ms. Hiraki and I will convey some of the students' valuable messages to Mr. Hisamoto, Mayor of Kobe City. Let's make Kobe better together!

I hope that this event will be a good memory for the exchange students' stays in Kobe.

Tomoaki Shimada
Associate Professor of Operations Management
Graduate School of Business Administration
Kobe University
email: shimada @

Participants (Alphabetical Order):

  • Khalid Ardhi Nurrahman (Indonesia)
  • Kaspar Chabot (Belgium)
  • Katharina Huber (Germany)
  • Risa Koh (South Korea)
  • Chase Kutsunai (USA)
  • Baptiste Laborde-Balen (France)
  • Youngsoo Lim (South Korea)
  • Kazuma Ueda (Japan)
  • Satoru Yoshida (Japan)

(Graduate School of Business Administration)