[GSICS] JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar “Education Finance and Administration in Developing Countries and Public Policy”

Feb 8, 2016

Kobe University’s Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) will hold a seminar on “Basic Education Finance/Administration and Public Policy in Developing Countries“, which is supported by JSPS Core-to-Core Program (Asia-Africa Science Platforms). Everyone is welcome to participate. No registration is required.

Feburuary 8 (Monday), 2016, from 8:30 to 17:45
Inthanin Room, Second floor of CMU UNISERV, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Chiang Mai University (Department of Vocational Education and Wellness Promotion, CMU Research Center and CMU Language Institute)
Kobe University (Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies: GSICS)
Main Topic
“Education Finance and Administration in Developing Countries and Public Policy”
Dr. Keiichi Ogawa, Professor, GSICS, Kobe University
e-mail: ogawa35@kobe-u. ac.jp
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  • Dr. Avorn Opatphatanakit, Vice President of Research and Academic Services, Chiang Mai University
  • Dr. Keiichi Ogawa, Professor, Kobe University
  • Dr. Phetcharee Rupavijetra, Associate Professor, Chiang Mai University.

PART 1: “Public Policy and Education Finance” (9:00–10:30)

  • “Policy Development of Education Finance in China in 2005-2015: What We Have Learned?”
    Dr. Rong Wang, Professor, Peking University
  • “General Education Financing in Republic of Yemen”
    Dr. Hamoud Al-Seyani, Principal Researcher/ Advisor to Education Minister, Education Research Development Center, Yemen
  • “Managing Financial Resources in Malawian Primary Schools”
    Dr. Lizzie W. Chiwaula, Research Fellow, University of Malawi

PART 2: “Financing Basic Education: School Grants in ASEAN” (10:50–12:20)

  • “School Finance in Vietnam”
    Dr. Lina Benete, Education Policy Specialist, UNESCO Bangkok
    Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, Doctoral Student, Kobe University
    Ms. Truong Thu Ha, Lecturer, Hanoi University of Technology
  • “School Finance in Lao PDR”
    Dr. Keiichi Ogawa, Professor, Kobe University
    Mr. Viriyasack Sisouphanthong, Lecturer, National University of Laos
  • “School Finance in Cambodia”
    Dr. Akemi Ashida, Programme Specialist, UNESCO Bangkok
    Mr. Phal Chea, Doctoral Student, Kobe University

PART 3: “Higher Education, TVET, Teacher Policy” (13:15–15:15)

  • ““Problems associated with Financing Higher Education in Egypt”
    Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, Professor, Cairo University
  • “Financing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Sri Lanka."
    Dr. Ki-Seok Lee, Research Professor, Seoul National University
  • “Teacher Preparation and Continuous Professional Education in Primary Teacher Colleges in Uganda: Capacity Gap Analysis”
    Dr. James Wokadala, Department Chair/Lecturer, Makerere University
    Dr. Keiichi Ogawa, Professor, Kobe University
    Ms. Clare Kemigisha, Graduate Student, Makerere University
  • “Student’s Achievement in a Centralized Teacher Deployment System: Experimental Evidence from Uganda”
    Dr..Kizito Omala, Lecturer, Makerere University

PART 4: Basic Education Finance in Private and Public Sectors” (15:40–17:40)

  • “Educational Financial and Administrative Efficiency in the Highland Areas of Thailand”
    Dr. Anurak Panyanuwat, Emeritus Professor, Chiang Mai University
  • “Educational Finance for Pupils with Disability: Comparative Research on Inclusive Education and Special Education”
    Dr. Jun Kawaguchi, Assistant Professor, Tsukuba University
  • “The Challenging of Private Schools Administration in Chiang Mai City, Thailand”
    Dr. Phetcharee Rupavijetra, Associate Professor, Chiang Mai University
  • “Financial Autonomy of Public Schools in Vietnam”
    Dr. Pham Vu Thang, Director, Vietnam National University

CLOSING SESSION (17:40 – 17:45)

Dr. Keiichi Ogawa, KobeUniversity

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