2017 CAMPUS ASIA Kick-off Symposium in Kobe

  • February 22, 2017
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  • Keywords: Event, International relations, Education


On February 22, the Kobe University CAMPUS ASIA Office will hold a symposium jointly hosted with Fudan University and Korea University to mark the official start of the CAMPUS ASIA Program. This program was adopted in academic year 2016 as part of MEXT’s “Re-Inventing Japan Project”. The program aims to train international specialists in risk management, covering both man-made and natural disasters.

During the symposium, the supervising professors from each university will outline the achievements and issues from the 5-year pilot program, and new initiatives for the current program. Following this, graduate students from the three universities, with a focus on CAMPUS ASIA participants, will present their research on a wide range of topics.

No advance registration is necessary. For more details, please see below. We look forward to your attendance.

February 22, 2017 (Wednesday)

ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe

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Kobe University CAMPUS ASIA Office

Co-hosted by
Fudan University School of International Relations and Public Affairs (China)
Korea University Graduate School of International Studies (South Korea)

Kobe University CAMPUS ASIA Office
E-mail: gsics-caoffice [at]

Time Table

08:50-09:10 Reception
09:10-09:25 Opening Ceremony
09:25-09:40 Keynote Speech
09:55-10:55 Review of the Pilot Program and Future Prospect
11:10-12:25 Student Session I
13:25-14:40 Student Session II
14:55-16:10 Student Session III
16:10-16:25 Final Comments and Closing Ceremony
17:00-19:30 Poster Session and Reception

(Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies)