Visit from the Kosovo Ambassador to Japan

  • September 18, 2017
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On September 7, His Excellency Mr. Leon Malazogu, Ambassador to Japan from the Republic of Kosovo, visited Kobe University and met with President TAKEDA Hiroshi. Their meeting was attended by Mr. Eris Xemale (First Secretary at the Republic of Kosovo Embassy in Japan), Mr. TAKI Kazushige (Senior Managing Director, Hyogo International Association), Mr. SHIMADA Mitsuki (Director, International Affairs Promotion Department, Hyogo International Association), and from Kobe University Professor INOUE Noriyuki (Executive Vice President in Charge of International Exchange) and Professor YOSHII Masahiko (Vice President in Charge of Personnel Evaluation and Planning).

During the meeting, to begin with His Excellency Mr. Malazogu expressed his gratitude for support from Japan across a wide range of areas including humanitarian and financial support, training human resources, and technological collaboration that linked to housing reconstruction, healthcare, education, infrastructure, waste disposal and environmental preservation. The participants then discussed the recovery of Kosovo’s social and economic infrastructure and the strengthening of educational and cultural exchange between Kosovo and Japan. President Takeda expressed his hopes that Kobe University will contribute to developing ties between the two countries.

Following the meeting, His Excellency Mr. Malazogu gave a seminar on Kosovo’s present and future titled “Kosovo – a diamond in the rough” co-organized with the Hyogo EU Association and EUIJ Kansai.

The visit provided a valuable opportunity to strengthen ties between the Republic of Kosovo Embassy to Japan and Kobe University.

(International Affairs Planning Division)