Joint symposium with Bruegel on Europe and Japan: Monetary Policies in the Age of Uncertainty

  • November 29, 2017
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The Kobe University Graduate School of Economics in collaboration with the Belgian think-tank Bruegel Institute held their 5th joint international symposium, this year on the theme of “Europe and Japan: Monetary Policies in the Age of Uncertainty”. The Bruegel – Kobe University international symposium has been held every year since 2013 to strengthen the links between our organizations. This initiative has been evaluated highly by attendees as providing an academic space to deepen knowledge about the issues faced by Europe and Japan.

The symposium, which took place on October 2 (Monday) from 10:00am Belgium time, aimed to provide insights into the state of future macroeconomic policies in Japanese and European economics in a time of growing uncertainty. The participants discussed the new financial policies of Japan and Europe, examining non-traditional policies from multiple perspectives.

The attendees discussed this topic in depth from several angles: (1) whether non-traditional financial policy is effective in breaking free from deflation (2) the negative effects of non-traditional financial policy, and (3) what is needed for a stable financial system.

SHIMIZU Tokiko (Bank of Japan), AOKI Kosuke (Tokyo University), and TAKAHASHI Wataru (Osaka University of Economics) presented their reports from Japan, and from the European side reports were given by financial policy specialists and officials from central banks in various European countries. The event was chaired by NAKAMURA Tamotsu (Dean of the Graduate School of Economics) and Guntram Wolff (Director of Bruegel). Over 90 people attended, including domestic and foreign policymakers and researchers, the highest number of participants since this event began.

A recording of this symposium can also be viewed from the Bruegel website. Please see the following link: The 5th Bruegel – Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University conference

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