Introducing Kobe University’s official mascot character, Shindai Uribo!

  • November 29, 2017
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Shindai Uribo (or “Uribo” for short) became Kobe University’s official mascot character in September 2017. Its name comes from a shortened version of Kobe University (神大 pronounced “Shindai”) and “uribo”, the Japanese word for wild boar piglet.

“I feel like I’ve seen this character somewhere before…” Some students and alumni of Kobe University may be thinking this, and they’re right! Shindai Uribo first appeared on the student portal site “Uribo portal”, before becoming Kobe University’s official mascot.

A message from Shindai Uribo:

“Hi, I’m Uribo, a wild boar piglet who lives at Kobe University. I love sweet foods, and my hobby is making sweets. I also like wearing fashionable outfits, but I keep eating the ingredients while I’m cooking, so I’m trying to diet. I’m interested in everything, and especially curious about campus life for Kobe University students.”



Shindai Uribo goods

You can buy character goods including files and pens at the Kobe University Co-op stores around campus. We’re also planning to introduce other goods, so watch this space!
>>Kobe University Co-op

LINE stamps

You can find Shindai Uribo stamps on the LINE chat application. The stamp designs were thought up by Kobe University’s Student Ambassador team, and created by the Communications Division. Profits from stamp sales will be used for Kobe University activities.
>>Find the stamps here

Who’s the other character? Meet Uribouzu!

Uribouzu loves the sea and boats. Drawn by the seafaring life, Uribouzu got on a raft, and drifted ashore at the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Fukae Campus. Rescued by Shindai Uribo, Uribouzu now lives in Kobe University as Shindai Uribo’s friend.

(Uribouzu first appeared to make the stamps more lively, another idea from the Student Ambassador team.)

(Communications Division)