Alumnus Professor XU Yiping receives Foreign Minister’s Commendation

  • December 12, 2017
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Kobe University alumnus Professor XU Yiping received the fiscal year 2017 Foreign Minister’s Commendation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and attended the ceremony in Iikura Guesthouse on July 6. Professor Xu graduated from our Graduate School of Letters in 1989, and is currently a professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University and Director of the Kobe University Alumni Association in China. He received the award in recognition of many years spent promoting Japanese language education in China.

After completing six years of education at Kobe University he became a faculty member at Beijing Foreign Studies University, then from October 2000 to September 2016 he promoted Japanese language and culture research in China as the Director of the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies (established in 1985 under an agreement between the Japan Foundation and China’s Ministry of Education). He also furthered the spread of Japanese language education and the development of research in Japanese language as the Director of the China Japanese Education Association from 2012 to 2016. For many years he devoted himself to inviting researchers from Japan and fostering the skills necessary to engage in academic exchange between both countries and general exchange with Japan. He made great contributions to the friendly relations between our countries.

Professor Xu has also been committed to exchange between Kobe University and Beijing Foreign Studies University, being of great service in concluding exchange agreements between our institutions, organizing a double degree program for master’s students, and establishing the Kobe University and Beijing Foreign Studies University International Collaborative Research Base. He was also instrumental in starting the Alumni Association in China, and was the first representation of the alumni association.

In response to the award, KAWAZAKI Kazuhiko (2nd President of the Kobe University – Beijing Alumni Association), KUBOTA Ryo (3rd President), and OOKA Yukako (establisher and manager of the Alumni Association) put out the word. Twelve alumni association members based in Tokyo on business trips from Beijing and the Shanghai Eastern District gathered, and on August 23 they held a celebratory gathering in Tokyo’s Yurakucho. In response to receiving the award, Professor XU Xiping said, “This is a tribute to the support and cooperation I received from so many people. This great honor further motivates me to continue promoting mutual understanding and friendship between China and Japan, and I intend to do this to the best of my ability.”

About Professor XU Yiping

Born in 1956. After graduating from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1979, he became a student at Kobe University in 1983. In 1989 he obtained his doctoral degree, returned to Beijing Foreign Studies University to become a level two professor (graduate course instructor), and the Director of the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies. He is President Emeritus of the China Japanese Education Association, Vice President of the Chinese Association for Japanese Studies, and Executive Director of the China Society of Sino-Japanese Relations History. In China he is a professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University Comparative Literature and Comparative Cultures Research Center, and a visiting professor at Northeastern University. In Japan he is a visiting researcher at institutions including the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics and Tokyo University Faculty of Letters. In 2017 he received the 2017 Foreign Minister’s Commendation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

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