Visit to Jagiellonian University Faculty of Law and Administration

  • December 13, 2017
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  • Keywords: International relations, University partnerships, Social sciences


For five days, from November 27 to December 1, Professor TAMADA Dai (Graduate School of Law, Kobe University) visited Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Law and Administration. This visit was based on the Erasmus+ staff mobility exchange program in which the member institutions establish a framework of giving teaching opportunities in other institutes. During this period, Prof. Tamada gave an intensive lecture on ‘Procedure of the International Court of Justice’ and a seminar lecture on ‘Dispute Resolution by the International Court of Justice’ for 8 hours in total. In the latter seminar, he discussed with participant students about the 2018 problem of the JMCC (Jessup Moot Court Competition). In addition to lectures, Prof. Tamada had a lot of opportunities to discuss international law topics with members of the faculty at the Jagiellonian International Law Centre (Zakład Prawa Międzynarodowego Publicznego), which has 7 members of public international law: Ingelevic-Citak Milena, Kowalski Michał, Kuźniak Brygida, Lankosz Kazimierz, Marcinko Marcin, Roguski Przemysław and Szwedo Piotr.

Jagiellonian University (Uniwersytet Jagielloński), the oldest university in Poland, was established in 1364. Jagiellonian University and Kobe University have concluded several types of agreements, based on which the two universities regularly exchange staff and students.

 (Graduate School of Law)

Entrance of Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University
In lecture room (with Dr. Piotr Szwedo)
Celebration of habilitation (for Dr. Piotr Szwedo)
In café (with Professor Marcin Marcinko and Dr. Przemysław Roguski)