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  • June 8, 2018
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On May 30, a delegation from Budapest Business School led by Rector Emeritus Eva Sandor-Kriszt visited Kobe University President Hiroshi Takeda. The meeting was attended from Kobe University by Professor Noriyuki Inoue (Executive Vice President in Charge of International Exchange), Professor Kiyomitsu Yui (Executive Assistant to the President in Charge of International Collaboration), and Professor Tamotsu Nakamura (Dean of the Graduate School of Economics). Rector Emeritus Sandor-Kriszt was accompanied by Budapest Business School representatives Chancellor Dr. Ferenc Dietz and Professor Emeritus Dr. Judit Hidasi.

Located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest Business School is a public university that was initially founded as an academy of commerce in 1857. The university aims to educate individuals who will contribute to Hungary’s finance, business, tourism and trade sectors, and it has produced many talented alumni who are active in the business and financial world. A delegation from Budapest Business School led by Professor Balazs Heidrich (President) visited Kobe University in June 2017, and since then our institutions have expanded exchange through lectures and mutual visits from researchers. Building on these exchange activities and consultations about collaboration to further promote exchange in academic research and education, during this visit a signing ceremony was held for an inter-university academic exchange agreement and an inter-faculty memorandum of understanding for student exchange.

The signing ceremony began with words of welcome from President Takeda and expectations expressed from both sides for research cooperation and student exchange. Rector Emeritus Sandor-Kriszt expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to visit Kobe University with Chancellor Dietz, who was visiting Japan for the time. She also stated her expectations for future developments in education and research exchange between the two institutions.

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This inter-university academic exchange agreement will provide opportunities to promote further research exchange and new avenues for student exchange between the two institutions. A student exchange program is planned between Kobe University’s Faculty and Graduate School of Economics and School and Graduate School of Business Administration and Budapest Business School’s College of International Management and Business. We can expect to see further developments in education programs to produce globally-focused graduates and stronger mutual connections between our institutions.

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