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Faculties, Schools and Graduate Schools

Faculty of Letters, Graduate School of Humanities
For Faculty of Letters, Graduate School of Humanities Home Page
Faculty of Intercultural Studies, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies
Faculty of Human Development, Graduate School of Human Development and Environment
For Faculty of Human Development Home page
Faculty of Law, Graduate School of Law
Faculty of Economics, Graduate School of Economics
For Faculty of Economics, Graduate School of Economics Home Page
School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business Administration
Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Science
Faculty of Medicine / University Hospital, School of Medicine,
General Affairs Division: sousyoi@med.kobe-u.
Financial Division: kanrisom@med.kobe-u.
Student Affairs Division: gakuken@med.kobe-u.
Hospital Medical Affairs Division: ijika@med.kobe-u.
Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine
International Center for Medical Research attached to the above Faculty
Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Graduate School of System Informatics
For Graduate School of System Informatics Home page
Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate School of Agricultural Science
For Faculty of Agriculture Home page
Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Graduate School of Maritime Sciences
For Faculty of Maritime Sciences Home page
Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
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Organization of Advanced Science and Technology

Research Institute

Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. I would like to link to ( Can I do this?
A1. Yes, you can. Kobe University's regulation on home page says that "if university students, individuals, or organizations off campus wish to link to the University's Faculties or Institutes' home pages, those who wish to do so must clarify the purpose. If a problem arises, they must immediately disconnect the link in question."
Q2. I would like to quote ( in publications. Can I do this?
A2. Yes, you can, but we do not provide special information for such publications. Kobe University's home page contains websites of the Schools and Institutions, which are individually managed by these schools and institutions. If you wish to refer to such pages, contact the relevant webmasters. Also, please note that all the rights pertaining to each page in Kobe University's home page are reserved for each respective copyright holder.
Q3. I would like to be linked with ( Is it possible?
A3. No, basically Kobe University's home page only links to overseas universities, national and local governments and other entities in close relation with the University (e.g. alumni organizations, private companies conducting joint research, etc.).
Q4. I would like to know the e-mail address of students or faculty members of the University. Can I search by ( ?
A4. No, we are not able to provide e-mail address information on individuals. To inquire about contacts for faculties and Institutions, go to "Inquiries." Individual's contact address may be available in " Directory of Researchers in Kobe University."
Q5. I would like to know about entrance examination.
A5. For information on entrance examination, refer to "Prospective Students."