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Cooperative Agreement on Osaka-Kobe Network for Internationalization signed

Cooperative Agreement on Osaka-Kobe Network for Internationalization signedKobe University has been actively promoting the internationalization of University. To expand this, Kobe University signed an agreement to form a network for the promotion of cooperative relationships in the internationalization of universities with Osaka University, Kansai University and Kwansei Gakuin University.

On July 27, the signing ceremony for the agreement on “Osaka-Kobe Network for Internationalization” was held at Osaka University Hall with the attendance of President FUKUDA Hideki of Kobe University, President WASHIDA Kiyokazu of Osaka University, President KUSUMI Harushige of Kansai University and President INOUE Takutoshi of Kwansei Gakuin University.

Under this agreement to promote internationalization, the four universities will 1) exchange information and data; 2) exchange faculties and staff, 3) plan programs to promote interactions among international students of the four universities, as well as between the students and Japanese industries, and 4) support activities that are conducted at the overseas offices of the universities. The four universities will establish a working-level committee on “Osaka-Kobe Network for Internationalization” to discuss the specifics. The first collaborative event, the “Joint Education Fair in Bangkok”, was held on July 30, followed by the “Workshop for Faculties and Administrative Staff”, on August 3 at Osaka University.

President FUKUDA stated that as the coordinating university of the EU Institute in Japan-Kansai, a consortium formed with Osaka University and Kwansei Gakuin University, Kobe University has a long history of actively promoting EU related education and research. He also touched on the University's European office, the first of its kind established by a Japanese university in Brussels, and spoke of the need to put these offices to good use for the internationalization of universities.

(Office for the Promotion of International Exchange)