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A Visit by the Delegation of Universities in French-speaking area of Belgium

On June 14, a delegation of rectors, vice-rectors and teaching staff of the five universities in the French-speaking area of Belgium paid a courtesy call on Kobe University. President FUKUDA Hideki and Executive Vice President NAKAMURA Chiharu in charge of International Exchange welcomed the 16 delegates, including representatives of CIUF (Interuniversity Council of the French-Speaking Community of Belgium) and the Wallonia-Brussels Campuses. The meeting was also attended by Professor KUBO Hiromasa, Executive Advisor to the President; Professor IWAMOTO Kazuko, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies; Professor SEKINE Yuki, Graduate School of Law; Professor YOSHII Masahiko, Graduate School of Economics; Professor NAKAMURA Shunichi, Graduate School of Medicine; and Associate Professor KONDO Tamiyo, Graduate School of Engineering.

The meeting began with a welcome address by President FUKUDA in which he stated that Kobe University is strengthening its relationship with the European Union through the Brussels European Centre. He also expressed his hope that this meeting today would boost the relationship established in the past and lead to further collaboration in education and research. Executive Vice President NAKAMURA then followed with an overview of Kobe University's global strategy and an introduction of the flagship research projects. Next was a presentation of the five universities in French-speaking area in Brussels and their association by Rector Didier Viviers of the Université libre de Bruxelles.

Both sides then exchanged information on their research and the various higher education issues facing their countries. Topics included language to conduct the courses in, how to provide students with a more international education and the possibility of establishing double-degree programs amongst the relevant institutions.

This meeting ensured further development in the relationship between Kobe University and the universities in the French-speaking area of Belgium.


(International Affairs Planning Division)

July 10, 2012