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  • Updated on July 10, 2019


Exchange Programs



Application Schedule at a Glance

How to Apply / Information Sheet



Useful Information from Former Exchange Students

Exchange Programs

Kobe University is conducting intensive exchanges for education and research with partner universities and institutions overseas, which enrich the academic environment on campus. Kobe University currently has 367 partner institutions in 64 countries/regions. Among these are student exchange agreements with 231 institutions in 45 countries/regions, which are made up of “Inter-University Student Exchange Agreement” and “Inter-Faculty Student Exchange Agreement”. 

【List of Kobe University's partner institutions】

Inter-University Student Exchange Agreement
Inter-University Student Exchange Agreement aims at university-wide exchange of students. Students of the following institutions are welcome to study at Kobe University under the Inter-University Student Exchange Program.

Duration 1 semester or 2 semesters


Spring semester only (April-September)
Fall semester only (October-March)
Full academic year (April-March or October-September)
Fee Tuition, application fees, matriculation are exempted while students remain enrolled at their home university where they pay the tuition fees.
Credits Responsibility for deciding the credits to be awarded for the exchange program rests with the home institution.

Interested students should consult with their home university's International Office for application.

List of Inter-University Student Exchange Partners

Inter-Faculty Student Exchange Agreement
The student exchange agreements, other than the ones listed above, enable the exchange of students in specific faculties or graduate schools. Interested students should consult with their home university’s International Office or relevant office.

【List of Kobe University's partner institutions】


The following are the qualifications and conditions for exchange students according to the Memorandum of Understanding on Student Exchange between the students’ home universities and Kobe University:

1. Students must be enrolled in their home university as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student, and be aiming to receive a degree from their home university after completing exchange study at Kobe University. Undergraduate students must have completed at least one year of undergraduate study at their home university at the time of coming to Kobe University.

2. The purpose of study abroad must be clear and concrete, so that we can expect good results from their studies and research at Kobe University.

3. Students must possess sufficient Japanese-language ability to understand classes and engage in academic research in Japanese (the equivalent of JLPT N1 is recommended). However, this condition does not apply if the student does not intend to carry out their education and research activities in Japanese.

4. Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale for their completed undergraduate study at their home university.

5. Students should have the basic knowledge and skills required for the classes they wish to take or research they plan to conduct at Kobe University.

6. Students are expected to maintain good relationships with local students and faculty members of Kobe University and its neighboring community. At the same time, they are encouraged to contribute to the development of continued exchange between Kobe University and their home university after their study at Kobe University.


Students will belong to one of the faculties or graduate schools at Kobe University. Within each faculty/graduate school, they will have an academic advisor or a tutor from the faculty/Graduate school to consult academic matters.

Faculties (Undergraduate programs)

Graduate Schools (Graduate programs)

Syllabus (for external use)

Courses offered in English
PDF: Download

Kobe University Educational Program on Current Japan
The Kobe University Educational Program on Current Japan is an English/ English & Japanese-taught course newly established in April 2016. It is open to exchange students at both undergraduate and graduate (Master's) levels. This course focuses on current issues in Japan covering a broad range of disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, and advanced science and technology subjects for cutting-edge research as well.

Japanese Language Courses
The Center for International Education (CIE) offers Japanese language courses for free for exchange students.

【Non-credit bearing Courses】
*Integrated Japanese Course is open for all exchange students.
*Intensive Japanese Course is developed for MEXT (government) Scholarship students. Exchange students can be enrolled in this course on an availability basis only.
【Credit bearing Course】
*Japanese Language and Japanese Studies Course (advanced level) is for undergraduate students only.

Application Schedule at a Glance

This chart applies to the Inter-University Student Agreements only. For information on the Inter-Faculty Student Agreements, students should consult with their home university's international office or relevant office. 

Spring Semester Fall Semester
Nomination Deadline October 20th April 20th
Application Deadline November 1st May 1st
Application Result Late December Late June
Acceptance Package Arrival
(Necessary Documents for Visa Application) *1
Late February Late August
Dormitory Allocation Result Early March Early September
Recommended Arrival Dates Late March Late September
Semester Starts April 1st October 1st
Semester Ends (exams) Early August Early February
Academic Transcript Issuance Late September to Early October Late March to Early April

*1) Students can start their visa applications at the Embassy of Japan in each country after receiving an acceptance package.

How to Apply

Information Sheet
PDF:  Download

Application Form
Japanese PDF:   Download
English PDF:   Download

Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) Application Form
CoE Application Form <3pages>: Download
[SAMPLE] CoE Application Form:  Download
*Please refer to a sample.


JASSO “Student Exchange Support Program”
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers scholarships for qualified international students accepted by Japanese universities or graduate schools under the exchange agreement on a short-term basis. Allocation for the next academic year (April-March) is informed in January by JASSO. Following the result, availability for each semester and application process will be informed to partner universities.

【Duration】 1 semester or 1 academic year
【Stipend】 80,000 yen/month (up to 11 months)
【Requirements/Eligibility】PDF:  Download  

HUMAP Student Exchange Promotion Program (Inbound) Scholarship
HUMAP (Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) offers scholarships for exchange students using the financial support from Hyogo Prefecture in order to promote student exchange between universities in the Hyogo region and universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Only students from HUMAP member universities are eligible. Check if your home university is a HUMAP member. Application process is informed to partner universities.

【Duration】 6 months to 1 academic year *1 semester-long students are not eligible. 
【Stipend】 80,000 yen/month (up to 11 months)
【Requirements/Eligibility】PDF:  Download

Kobe University Fund 
Kobe University offers the Kobe University Fund for exchange students who have achieved a superior academic record and have clear-cut objectives of studying at Kobe University. It was established in 2013 in order to conduct extensive educational and research exchange with partner universities supported by Kobe University alumni. No application is required. Selection is conducted based on each student’s application materials. Result will be informed to partner universities.

【Duration】 1 semester or 1 academic year
【Stipend】 250,000 yen/semester
【Requirements/Eligibility】PDF:  Download


Kobe University Residence
Exchange students are given priority for room allocations in the university dormitories. The room type will be single only; no other room can be selected.

Private Housing 
Exchange students can also live in private housing. Students who wish to live in private housing need to arrange for finding their rooms and making a contract by themselves.


Useful Information from Former Exchange Students

We would like exchange students to provide feedback at the end of the program so that we can improve it. Their valuable opinions would be helpful for students who will join the Kobe University Exchange Program in the future.

Please refer to the following information collected from former exchange students.

【~2018 Fall】 Download
【~2019 Spring】Download