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Master - Political Science

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


Course for researchers:

This program aims to foster the next generation of researchers who will engage in education and research in universities and institutes both within Japan and overseas.

Course for specialization:

We recognize that the rapid digitalization, advancement and fluidity of today’s global society are accompanied by diverse and complex social issues. Accordingly, we aim to equip our students with advanced problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of politics above the undergraduate level.

Course for professionals:

Our primary aim is to foster practical, realistic and comprehensive problem-solving skills that can be applied to policy issues caused by rapid changes in modern society. Those with practical experience are not the only people who take an interest in social issues: taking an academic approach can offer new perspectives. In view of this, our secondary aim is to offer a “refresher course” for students with experience in the working world who are interested in law and political studies.

Legal recurrent education course:

This course accepts people with legal qualifications. By providing an opportunity to continue education and academic training in specialized and cutting-edge areas, we enable graduates to work in more specialized fields.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Master of Political Science

  • Subject area
    Political Science

  • Duration
    2 years

  • Total Intake (AY 2015)


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