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Degree Awarding Policy of the Faculty of Agriculture

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The Faculty of Agriculture has the following educational and research objectives; to develop human resources equipped with knowledge and skills required to establish a sustainable society coexisting with nature; and to develop intellectual foundations for the society. In the light of these objectives, the Faculty of Agriculture conducts the education of wide knowledge on agricultural sciences and the researches concerning with "Food, Environment and Health/Life".

Toward the achievement of its mission, in order to guarantee the education of the highest standard and outstanding quality, the Faculty of Agriculture awards Bachelor's degrees to those students who complete its educational programs in line with the following two policies.

  • Students shall study at the faculty for the designated period and obtain the required credits for graduation prescribed by the Rule of the Faculty of Agriculture.
  • The learning goals that must be attained by students in undergraduate program by the time of graduation are the following:
    [Enriched Humanity]
    To act as well-educated, independent specialists equipped with high ethical standards.
    To inherit traditional thoughts and methodology in agricultural sciences from critical perspective, and to obtain the fundamental ability in order to creatively solve various issues through learning new thoughts and methodology.
    [International Awareness]
    To respect diverse values, and display an excellent command of communication.
    To acquire the profound scholarly knowledge and specialized skills in agricultural sciences for establishing a sustainable society by the exploration of various problems in agricultural sciences (comprised by main academic fields of "Food, Environment and Health/Life"), in order to exert a leadership role in the professional and/or academic fields of agriculture. The learning goals in each department are the following:
    Department of Agricultural Engineering and Economics
    To acquire the knowledge on the agricultural production infrastructures and the food-environment systems comprised of the food production, processing, distribution and consumption. To establish the fundamental special skill to solve various problems in food production, food processing techniques, regional environments, food supply and demand, and so on.
    Department of Bioresource Science
    To acquire both basic and applied knowledge on the agricultural bioresources and their interactions. To establish the fundamental special skill to solve various problems in the bioresource exploration/production/utilization and the development of bioresource conservation/management techniques.
    Department of Agrobioscience
    To acquire knowledge on the bioscience to apply the diverse functions of organisms to the farm products, foods, chemicalï½¥medical supplies and so on. To establish the basic skill to be able to analyze a variety of functions and phenomena of organisms in agriculture and food science from the molecular to ecosystem levels.