[GSICS] JSPS Core-to-Core Program (Asia-Africa Science Platforms) Seminar “International Education Development and Cooperation in the Post 2015”

  • October 31, 2014
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Kobe University's Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) will hold a third seminar on “International Education Development and Cooperation in the Post 2015“, which is supported by JSPS Core-to-Core Program (Asia-Africa Science Platforms). Everyone is welcome to participate. No registration is required.

October 31 (Friday), 2014, from 13:00 to 18:00

Main Conference Room, 1st floor, GSICS, Kobe University


Main Topic
“International Education Development and Cooperation in the Post 2015“

Dr. Keiichi Ogawa, Professor, GSICS, Kobe University
e-mail: ogawa35@kobe-u.
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“Recent International Initiatives in the Post 2015 Education Agenda” (13:00–14:30)
  • “Muscat Agreement and the Post 2015 Education Agenda”
    Dr. Kazuhiro Yoshida (Professor, Hiroshima University)
  • “Post-2015 Agenda on Education Development”
    Dr. Bong Gun Chung (Professor, Seoul National University)
    Dr. Sung Sang Yoo (Associate Professor, Seoul National University)
  • “Equity, Quality and Inclusive Education: How to Monitor the Policy Process in the Post 2015 Framework?”
    Dr. Kazuo Kuroda (Professor, Waseda University)
  • “Cross Sectoral Approaches to Explore the Vision for Post-2015: Linking Education and Water in the Sustainable Development Goals”
    Dr. Yuto Kitamura (Associate Professor, University of Tokyo)


“International EducationDevelopment in ASEAN” (14:45–16:00)
  • “ASEAN Integrationand Implications for the Future of Job Market and Human Resources in SoutheastAsia: Focusing on Post 2015 TVET and Higher Education”
    Dr. Yasushi Hirosato (Professor, Sophia University)
  • “Fragmentation andCollaboration: The Case of Korean Education ODA in Cambodia”
    Dr. Jinhwan Oh (Professor, Ewha WomansUniversity)
    Dr, Yonghwan Bang (Professor, EwhaWomans University)
  • “An Analysis on Teacher Education in Myanmar: UsingSystem Assessment and Benchmarkingfor Education Results (SABER) Framework”
    Dr. Keiichi Ogawa(Professor, Kobe University)
    Dr. James Wokadala(Lecturer, Makerere University)


“Higher Education and Innovative Education Cooperation” (16:15–18:00)
  • “International Cooperation in Higher Education: Historical and Future Perspective”
    Dr. Prof. Akiyoshi Yonezawa (Associate Professor, Nagoya University)
  • “The Post-2015 Education Agenda and the World Bank Education Strategy”
    Dr. Mari Shojo (Education Specialist, World Bank Headquarters)
  • “The Importance of Innovation in Education”
    Dr.Nicholas Burnett (Visiting Professor, Hiroshima University)

(Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies)