Orientation for New International Students (Spring 2020)

  • April 2, 2020
  • Event


【Updated on March 4, 2020】
The spring 2020 International student orientation has been cancelled due to the current situation regarding the spread of COVID-19.
As an alternative, we will provide an Online Orientation for incoming students. Please download and read the handouts, and watch the orientation video before entering Kobe University.

Orientation for International Students

Date & Time
  *The same contents are presented. Please attend one of these. 
   (1st)     April 2 (Thu), 2020           13:30~16:30

   (2nd)    April 3 (Fri), 2020             13:30~16:30
   (3rd)     April 6 (Mon), 2020          13:30~16:30
Venue:                 Centennial Hall, Rokko Hall  (MAP, No.102)
Language:            Japanese-English Bilingual

Handouts for International Students' Orientation

Orientation Video

  1. Guide book for International Students (PDF) 
  2. Handbook for Enrollment of Personal Acciedent Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research "Gakkensai" 【Important】About the premium of "Gakkensai"
  3. Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with "Gakkensai"
  4. Advising and counseling services for international students (PDF)
  5. Disaster prevention information (PDF)
  6. Kobe University Library Guide
  7. Guidance on Security Export Control
  8. Recycling Rules (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese)
  9. Event Information

Japanese classes

  1. Timetable :Integrated Japanese Language classes
  2. Timetable :Japanese Language and Japanese Studies classes
  3. Japanese Classes Leaflet 
CIE (Center for International Education) has decided to postpone the start date of the spring semester to Monday, April 20.
CIE updates

Guidance for Degree-seeking Undergraduate Students

【Updated on March 26】

Date & Time:       April 15 (Wed), 2020           15:00~15:40
Venue:                 Center for International Education, Room 101A  (MAP, No.102)
Contents:             Academic/General advices and tips for undergraduate students

Orientation for Graduate Students

【Updated on March 26】

Date & Time:        April 15 (Wed), 2020            16:00~17:00
Venue:                 Center for International Education, Room 101A (MAP, No.102)
Contents:             For Graduate-level (Research Students, Masters/Doctorate) students. Rules and academic advices for research study, tips on how to communicate with your academic advisors and Japanese students / research partners.

“Hiragana” Guidance 

【Updated on March 26】

Date & Time:    April 22 (Wed),2020     13:40~15:20

Venue:                 Center for International Education, Room 101 (MAP, No.102)

Contents:             This is a short introduction for students with no prior experience of Japanese. Please attend this session only if you are a beginner with no knowledge of Hiragana.


(Center for International Education)