Kobe University and Bruegel Institute co-organized the Second International Symposium

  • December 18, 2014
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On October 8, the Kobe University Graduate School of Economics and Bruegel Institute co-organised an international symposium titled Abenomics--Stock Taking and Lessons for the EU. The symposium examined the Abe administration's economic policies and reviewed lessons that can be reflected on by the EU.

From Japan, President IWATA Kazumasa, Japan Center for Economic Research, examined Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's first arrow (monetary policy) and the second arrow (fiscal policy). Vice Chairman IDO Kiyoto, Institute for International Economics Studies, examined the third arrow (structural reform). Prof. KIMURA Fukunari, Faculty of Economics at Keio University, and Dr. YAMASHITA Kazuhito, Research Director at the Canon Institute for Global Studies, reported on the current stage and the expected future direction of U.S.-Japan trade negotiations in consideration of the Abenomics policy mix. From Europe, presentations were given by a policymaker as well as the leading expert from a private think tank. Professor YOSHII Masahiko, Dean at the Graduate School of Economics at Kobe University, and Professor JINUSHI Toshiki, Associate Dean at the Graduate School of Economics, participated in a panel discussion. Over 60 participants attended the symposium and it ended on a high note. Details of the symposium are discussed in President Iwata's column at the Japan Center for Economic Research website.

The Graduate School of Economics has been proactively strengthening ties with Europe through activities such as the Kobe University Programme for European Studies (KUPES), and collaboration with the EU Institute in Japan (EUIJ). The partnership with the Bruegel Institute is a significant step forward in the strengthening of relations between Kobe University and Europe.

(Graduate School of Economics)