GSICS held the 4th JSPS Core-to-Core Program (Asia-Africa Science Platforms) Seminar on "Education Finance/Administration and Public Policy in Developing Countries"

  • January 9, 2015
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Kobe University’s Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) held its fourth seminar focused on “Education Finance/Administration and Public Policy in Developing Countries” on December 8th and 9th, 2014. This seminar consisted of the following six sessions: 1) Education Finance in Chinese and Korean Experience for Other Countries; 2) Finance and Administration in Basic Education; 3) Finance and Administration in Secondary and Higher Education; 4) Education Finance and Administration in Myanmar; 5) Education Finance/Administration and Internal Efficiency; and 6) Education Finance and Economic Development. More than 60 researchers from the project’s core and co-operative universities and institutions presented joint research findings in English (with spontaneous French translations), and active discussions were held after each session.

The professors and researchers who presented in this seminar are from Peking University (China), Seoul National University (South Korea), Vietnam National University (Vietnam), National University of Laos (Lao, PDR), Chiang Mai University (Thailand), Yangon University of Education (Myanmar), Myanmar UNICEF Office, Yemeni Education Research Development Center (Yemen), Cairo University (Egypt), Makerere University (Uganda), University of Malawi, Malawi Ministry of Education (Malawi), Osaka University, Hiroshima University, and Kobe University. It was the first time that all key researchers of the Project Core Overseas Institutions gathered at Kobe University.

Kobe University’s JSPS Core-to-Core Project (Coordinator: Professor Keiichi Ogawa) aims at not only building a core research hub and strengthening research networks with overseas universities and institutions, but also nurturing young researchers including graduate students. This seminar provided young researchers with the opportunity to present their joint research works with senior researchers and receive comments from internationally well-known researchers on education finance and administration.

(Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies)