Global Career Development Seminar Held in Brussels

  • May 21, 2015
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The free talk session with alumni.

On 5th March,a global career development seminar was held at the Kobe University BrusselsEuropean Centre (KUBEC) in Brussels, Belgium, with support from the Kobe University Alumni Association in Europe. Four Kobe University alumni, includinga 1980s graduate and a doctoral student currently conducting research at agraduate school overseas, were invited as lecturers to present on their careerpaths. These lecturers were Mr. NAKATANI Akihiro, Goodyear Dunlop Tires EuropeB.V., alumnus of the Graduate School of Engineering; Mr. NISHIMURA Hitoshi, ToyotaMotor Europe, alumnus of the Faculty of Economics; Mr. NAKAYAMA Kiyotaka, KanekaBelgium N.V., alumnus of the Graduate School of Agricultural Science; and Ms.SHIRATORI Hiromi, a doctoral student at the University of Frankfurt, and alumnaof the Faculty of Science.

Twenty-onestudents participated in the seminar. Among the participants were Kobe University students studying abroad in Europe and visiting Europe on the EU Cultural Training Program. The students belonged to the Faculty of Intercultural Studies, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Faculty of Law,Faculty of Economics, and Faculty of Business Administration. The alumni who spoke at this seminar all have successful careers in Europe, and students learned a lot from hearing their personal experiences. The student participants were able to have active discussions with the lecturers, and this inspired themin deciding their own career paths.

The lecturers shared their experiences with the students, starting with their studies at Kobe University. Particularly significant topics included their experiences working at various companies, decision-making when they were presented with life-changing opportunities such as the chance to work overseas, and the importance of challenging themselves when facing turning points in their lives within each professional field. They also spoke on meeting important people in their lives, a sense of ownership in their work, cross-sectoral exchange activities, and the importance of trusting relationships with colleagues that go beyond nationality.

During the free talk session, participants asked the lecturers many questions, and lecturers were impressed with the students’ motivated attitude towards learning. The alumni served as role models, gave the students heartfelt advice, and provided them withan opportunity to consider their future goals and increase their potential range of future choices by drawing their attention to options overseas. We have high expectations for future seminars that will provide similar valuable opportunities for students.

At the seminar. This year once again students studying and visiting Europe were able to connect face-to-face with alumni who have successful careers in Europe.

(Office of Global Education atthe Institute for Promotion of Higher Education,
Kobe University InternationalStudent Center, Kobe University Career Center)