Kobe University newly adopted as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

  • August 11, 2015
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Kobe University has long been fostering education and research related to the EU. In 2005 Kobe University established, with financial assistance from the European Commission, the EU Institute Kansai, a consortium consisting of three universities: Kobe University (coordinator), Kwansei Gakuin University, and Osaka University. In 2010 the University opened its Brussels Centre; in 2011 it established the Centre for EU Studies, with the purpose of strengthening partnership with European universities and institutions; and in 2013 it set up the Centre for EU-Japan Collaborative Education, aiming at fostering interdisciplinary education based upon interuniversity partnerships. Kobe University strives to further develop EU-related education and research, and it has been running numerous programmes for cultivating human resources in the hope that they would contribute to the deepening of EU-Japan relationship.

In recognition of its achievements, this year Kobe University has been adopted as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, an open programme of the European Commission. Amongst institutions of higher education in Japan, Kobe University is the first and only recipient of this honour. Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is one of the Jean Monnet Programmes, named after Jean Monnet (known as the ‘Father of European Integration’), and it supports the establishment of education-research centres specialising in EU studies. For the duration of three years starting from 1 September 2015, Kobe University aims to further increase the awareness of the EU within Japan and plans to work on four projects: (1) education for students, (2) research, (3) collaboration in scientific areas, and (4) outreach activities.

Additionally, Professor Masahiko Yoshii of the Graduate School of Economics has been adopted as a Jean Monnet Chair, an open programme likewise of the European Commission. Jean Monnet Chair is a post awarded to a professor specialising in education and research about the EU and intended to foster the strengthening of EU education and the development of researchers. In Japan Professor Yoshii is the sixth Jean Monnet Chair.

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