Kobe University Alumni Association Exchange Meeting Held in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • September 16, 2015
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On 6th September 2015, in conjunction with asymposium commemorating the establishment of the Hanoi Kobe University Liaison Base, Executive Vice President and Head of Education Professor FUJITA Seiichi,Executive Vice President Professor INOUE Noriyuki, Head of the Centre for Asian Studies OGATA Yasushi, Professor of International Cooperation Studies MATSUNAGA Nobuaki, Professor of System Informatics KOJIMA Fumio, and Associate Professor of Economics KAMATA Isao participated in an exchange meeting with the Hanoi branch of the Kobe University Alumni Association in Vietnam.

Approximately 15 alumni attended the exchange meeting, including Mr Luong Van Khoi, President of the Kobe University Alumni Association in Vietnam, and Mr Cao Anh Dung, former Alumni Association President. The meeting began with a speech from Mr. Khoi, after which the participants enjoyed reminiscing about shared experiences and updating each other on their lives.

The Kobe University Executive Vice Presidents strengthened their connections with the alumni association when they participated in the signboard unveiling ceremony of the Hanoi Kobe University Liaison Base earlier this year. It is expected that they will continue to maintain close links with the alumni association and create further international exchange opportunities for Kobe University.

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