Polar Cooperation Research Centre (PCRC) was established within GSICS

  • November 20, 2015
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Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) at Kobe University was designated as one of the participating institutions of the Japanese government’s Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS) project, a 5-year (2015-20) research project. Under this project, GSICS is responsible for research on the polar legal and policy issues, particularly focusing on the Arctic international legal framework and institutions. Polar Cooperation Research Centre (PCRC) was established on 1 October 2015 to implement and promote this research project within GSICS. PCRC is headed by Director Akiho SHIBATA, Professor of International Law at Kobe University GSICS.

PCRC is the first of the kind in Japan and, probably, in Asia, seeking to be the leading institution in polar legal and policy studies, focusing on the Arctic international legal and institutional developments. As a participating agency of the ArCS project, PCRC at Kobe University GSICS will provide evidence-based legal and institutional analysis on the operation of the Arctic Council (AC) and its Working Groups and Task Forces, and on the emerging international legal orders in the Arctic. Its mandate includes: (1) establishing international and Japanese networks of scholars and experts interested in the Arctic legal and policy studies; (2) establishing international research collaboration with world’s leading institutions in polar legal studies; and (3) disseminating the polar legal and policy developments to the academia and the public, and provide useful research results to Arctic stakeholders, including policy-makers.

(Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies)