The First "Kobe University Exchange Day" held at Northeastern University

  • January 19, 2016
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The Centre for Asian Studies, a core body in the Kobe University Institute of Promoting International Exchange Programs, held “The First Kobe University Exchange Day: Joint Symposium of Northeastern University and Kobe University” to raise the overseas profile of Kobe University. The event took place on 12-13 January 2016 at Northeastern University (Shenyang City, Liaoning Province).

On 12 January, attended by Northeastern University Vice President Wang Jianhua, two mini workshops were organized by professors from the Kobe University Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Humanities. Following this, an explanatory session on 13 January introduced Kobe University to undergraduate and graduate students from Northeastern University.

The mini workshops organized by the Graduate School of Engineering were ledby Professor WANG Hong (School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation), Professor GAO Bingliang (School of Materials and Metallurgy), and Associate Professor QU Yi (JangHo Architecture College)
from Northeastern University; and Professor YOKOKOHJI Yasuyoshi, Professor SUN Yuping, and Professor MIZUHATAMinoru from Kobe University. These participants presented their research on topics including disaster response robots, architecture, nanotechnology, and molten salts chemistry. Lively debates took place among the 70 young researchers attending from Northeastern University.

The mini workshops from the Graduate School of Humanities were held on the theme of “The Role of Historical Imagination in East Asia”. Participants presented on various issues surrounding historical imagination in East Asia from the 13th to the 20th century. The workshops were led by Associate Professors WANG Yan, GUO Rui, BI Kehan and MA Xiaoli from Northeastern University; and Professor HIGUCHI Daisuke, Associate Professor KAWASHIMA Makoto, and Associate Professor KAJIO Fumitake from Kobe University. Following the presentations, an active discussion was held among 80 young researchers from Northeastern University chaired by WANG Qiuju (Deputy Director of the Northeastern University Foreign Studies College), Professor CHAI Hongmei (Dalian University of Foreign Languages), and Professor SUZUKI Yoshikazu (Kobe University).

Building on this event, Northeastern University and Kobe University have decided to draw up an interinstitutional academic exchange agreement to facilitate further exchange between the universities. Academic exchanges with Northeastern University are currently focused on the Kobe University Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Humanities, and this new agreement will encourage exchange with other faculties and research institutes.

(International Affairs Planning Division)