Visit from Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • July 12, 2016
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  • Keywords: Event, Research, International relations, Collaborations, University partnerships


On July 8, Professor Jacqueline Royster (Dean, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts) and Professor Brian Woodall (Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts) from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) visited Kobe University. Previously, Professor Woodall participated in the Kobe University US-Japan Collaboration Fair held on March 3, 2014 and gave a presentation on the international strategies of Georgia Tech.

Professor Royster and Professor Woodall first paid a courtesy visit to Professor INOUE Noriyuki (Executive Vice-President in Charge of International Exchange) and Professor OGAWA Matsuto (Executive Vice-President in Charge of Research and Industry-University Cooperation). In the meeting, both sides exchanged positive opinions about cooperating in organizing short-term summer programs for students and joint conferences for researchers.

After the meeting, Professor Royster and Professor Woodall gave talks to Kobe University’s academic and administrative staff on the organization of the Ivan Allen College and on Georgia Tech’s strategic shift to Asia and the Ivan Allen College’s Asia-related curricula. The talk was followed by an active question and answer session which continued beyond the expected end time.

Having given their talks, Professor Royster and Professor Woodall had a lunch meeting with Professor SHIMOMURA Kenichi (Director, Office of the Americas, Institute for Promoting International Partnerships) and other members of the Office of the Americas. Finally, the Professors visited the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies and had a discussion on academic exchange between the Ivan Allen College and the new Faculty of Global Human Sciences (to be established April 1, 2017).

(International Affairs Planning Division)