Kobe University Elementary School visit to Marseille, France

  • October 27, 2016
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The elementary school attached to Kobe University is currently implementing the "Kobe University Elementary School GCP (Global Challenge Program)", based on their educational goals to foster the fundamental qualities of global citizenship.

As part of this program, from October 9-14 a group of students and staff visited Marseille in France on the “MRS Program”. With the support of the Consulate General of Japan in Marseille, the group engaged in exchange activities with Lycée Honoré Daumier and visited the city hall. They were warmly greeted with “konnichiwa”, and they raised levels of interest in Marseille regarding Japan and the Japanese language. During their visit they stayed with the families of high school students, gaining more opportunities to deepen cultural exchange.

Next year Kobe University will use the Honolulu Office in Hawaii for further Global Challenge Program initiatives.

This visit was realized with support from the Kobe University International Affairs Department and Professor INOUE Noriyuki (Executive Vice President in Charge of International Exchange).

(Attached Schools’ Department)