Associate Professor Gomez explains climate change hazards in documentary series Sinking Cities

  • January 24, 2019
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Associate Professor Christopher Gomez was invited to talk about the difficulties coastal cities, like Tokyo, are facing with climate change-induced sea level rise, increased energy and frequency of typhoons, etc. In Tokyo furthermore, the threat of a major earthquake and the reduction of funding to maintain infrastructures due to an ageing population and shrinking economy are putting extrapressure on an already vulnerable system. In collaboration with professors from Waseda University and Berkeley University (USA), Christopher Gomez presents the problems and also the solutions to make Japanese coastal cities safer places.

The show has aired on TV in the USA and Canada in 2018, and on various TV channels throughout Europe in 2019. Right now, you can watch it on ThinkTV in the UK, PBS in USA and Canada, AmazonPrime worldwide and on DVD. You can also listen to Christopher Gomez’s interview and podcast from the website of the National Radio of New Zealand.

(Graduate School of Maritime Sciences)