Updates regarding Novel Coronavirus measures (February 6, 2020)

  • February 6, 2020
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To all students and staff of Kobe University,

Novel Coronavirus has been listed as a ‘designated infectious disease’. We request that all students and staff follow the measures below to prevent widespread infection.

There have been reports of infected people in Japan as well. It is important to respect the privacy of these individuals and not to discriminate against infected people and returnees from the affected areas. Please monitor your condition and compile useful information, both for your own sake and that of those around you.

The following points apply as of February 6, 2020. Please note that they are likely to be revised in accordance with changes in the situation.

1. With regard to monitoring your health and taking precautions, please follow the steps outlined in Kobe University’s measures to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus.

2. Those returning from affected areas must do as described in point 1 of “Kobe University’s measures to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus” and stay at home for 14 days after returning to Japan. Refrain from going outside unless absolutely necessary. You must also inform the Student Affairs Section or your supervisor after you return to Japan that you need to stay at home.

3. Students and staff diagnosed with novel coronavirus are prohibited from coming to the university. Make sure that you contact the Student Affairs Section (students) or the General Affairs Section (staff). When you recover from the virus, obtain a medical certificate from your doctor stating that you have recovered and cannot pass on the infection to others. Please hand this in at the Medical Center for Student Health. Once they have confirmed your status, you may be allowed to attend school/work.

4. Those travelling to China (including Hong Kong and Macau)

Students: Travel to China is prohibited/not allowed.

Based on the chart on page 2 of the Kobe University International Crisis Management Manual, all travel to China including private trips, is generally prohibited. However, as it is not possible to ensure safety due the infectious nature of the virus, travel to China is completely prohibited for students.

Staff: travel to Hubei province is generally prohibited and travel to areas of China outside Hubei province is strongly discouraged.

Based on the chart on page 2 of the Kobe University International Crisis Management Manual, all travel to Hubei province including private trips, is generally prohibited. Travel to other areas of China may be permitted on a conditional basis, however it is strongly discouraged.

*All staff planning to travel outside Japan must submit a notification of their intent to travel overseas to their department, even for travel to countries other than China. All students planning to go abroad must submit their travel plans through GEMs, including trips to their home country.  

TAKEDA Hiroshi (Kobe University President)

SUGIMURA Kazuro (Executive Vice President in Charge of Risk Management)

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