(Period Extended) Cancellation or postponement of all extracurricular activities

  • March 12, 2020
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To all who take part in extracurricular clubs/circles,

On March 4 it was announced that participation in any extracurricular activities (clubs/circles) has been prohibited to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. In light of the current situation of increasing cases in Japan, the decision has been made to extend this period to Sunday April 5.

1. Please cancel or postpone all activities that involve many members gathering together (eg. practices, external matches, training camps, tours, dinners and drinking parties) 

2. It is forbidden to use all of the University facilities designated extracurricular activities (including pitches, training grounds, gyms, student halls and other shared facilities) .

3. The above measures will apply from Thursday March 5 to Sunday April 5. Depending on the situation, this period may be extended again.

*The above information may change, so please check the latest announcements.

For any queries about this, please contact the Student Support Division (TEL:078-803-5223・5224)

Executive Vice President in Charge of Student Affairs