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  • March 12, 2020
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Last updated on: April 2, 2020.

This page gives an overview of Coronavirus-related announcements made by Kobe University in English (For announcements in Japanese, please see this page).

·         Latest general update (for all students and staff)

·         For incoming international students/new students *Updated April 2.

·         For current students

·         Activity/event cancellation information

·         Announcements from individual facilities/faculties

·         Previous updates

·         Useful links and information (external sites)

Latest general update for staff and students

 Update regarding Novel Coronavirus measures (March 19, 2020)

Main Information:  Travel prohibitions for staff and students, what Kobe University students who are currently abroad should do.


For incoming international students/new students

Measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) for new incoming international students (March 16, 2020)- Updated April 2

UPDATED: The validity of all single or multiple entry visas issued has been suspended. This measure will be enforced from April 3 at 0:00 until April 31 (may be extended).

The list of those unable to disembark in Japan has also been greatly expanded (please see the above link for more information).

All who can embark in Japan are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Main Information: Important information regarding visa restrictions, entry into Japan, Certificate of Eligibility extensions, self isolation requirements, option of deferring study abroad etc

Announcement for all new students starting in AY2020 (April 1)

Main Information: Info regarding first semester classes, medicals, and guidance etc. for students starting at Kobe University this academic year 2020.

【Update】 Notice regarding the 2020 Medical Check-up for all New Students (March 27, 2020)

Main Information: new students are required to submit the documents detailed in this announcement instead of undertaking the annual medical check-up at the Medical Center for Student Health.

The Orientation for New International Students in April has been cancelled- please watch the video and read the downloadable files here instead.

For current students

【Update】 Notice regarding the 2020 Medical Check-up for all Current Students (April 1, 2020) 

Main Information: Instead of holding the usual Medical Check-ups at the Medical Center for Student Health, medical consultations will be held instead *more details will be announced later.

Measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) for current international students (March 24, 2020) 

Main Information: 14 day quarantine requirement for all entering Japan from abroad. Visa restrictions on entry don't apply to current students with Residence Cards. Spring Semester will now start on Monday April 20.

Activity/event cancellation and postponement information

The following events have been cancelled:

All extracurricular activities (clubs/circles etc.) have been postponed or cancelled until after April 5

Announcements from individual Facilities/Faculties

Notice for all library users: Preventing the spread of Novel Coronavirus (March 4, 2020)

Main Information: No group study, refrain from using libraries if unwell, practice preventative measures.

Previous updates

Updates regarding Novel Coronavirus measures (March 11, 2020)

Main Information: Don't come to the university if you feel unwell, what to do if you are returning from an infected area/had close contact with an infected person/have symptoms of the virus, list of countries to which travelling is prohibited. 

Updates regarding Novel Coronavirus measures (February 17, 2020) 

Main Information: 1. Staff as well as students are also required to stay at home for 14 days after returning from affected areas/countries. 2. Travel to China (including Hong Kong and Macau) is prohibited for all staff as well as students, in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ announcement on February 12.

Updates regarding Novel Coronavirus measures (February 6, 2020) 

Main Information: procedure for those returning from affected areas, what to do if diagnosed with novel coronavirus, travel to China (Students: prohibited, Staff: strongly discouraged), everyone must submit notification of all travel plans to the university.

Kobe University’s measures to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus (January 29, 2020).

Main Information: procedure for those returning from affected areas, infection prevention measures, diagram of the procedure to follow if you feel unwell (refrain from coming to the University).

Alert issued regarding novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China (January 28, 2020).

Main Information: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ alert regarding novel coronavirus and links to useful information from the World Health Organization.

Useful links and Information

Information in English:

Information in Japanese: