【Update】 Notice regarding the 2020 Medical Check-up for all New Students

  • March 26, 2020
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To all new students,

Kobe University was originally going to conduct Medical Check-ups for all new students. However, it has been decided that these check-ups will not be held in order to prioritize the safety of all students with regard to the worldwide spread of novel coronavirus (COVID19). Instead, please be sure to submit the following documents that were posted to you beforehand:

1. Documents you need to submit

(1) Medical check-up form for Kobe University students (it has a green border, please complete both sides)

(2) Health checkup (I) (please complete both sides)

(3) Health checkup (II) U.P.I

※ Please make sure that you fill out the documents, and submit them to your student affairs section after the guidance session.

※ Submission of Measles and Rubella vaccination certificates has been put on hold. Please prepare to submit these at a later date.

The same applies for the mumps and chickenpox vaccination and antibody titer certificates required for students of the Graduate School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Health Sciences and School of Medicine.

※ A urine test is also not required. If you have already received a urine sample kit, please dispose of it by yourself.

2. Submission period: From completion of your faculty/graduate school’s guidance until April 30 (Thu)

3. Place of submission: The student affairs section of your faculty/graduate school.

4. About the medical check-up results:

If you require the medical check-up results for your scholarship, dormitory and/or training program application, first of all please ask them if it is possible to submit your check-up results for the previous year instead. We are able to reissue last year’s medical certificate if you undertook the complete examination. However, if you require a certificate for this year, please arrange a medical check-up at a medical institution by yourself and at your own expense.

SUGIMURA Kazuro (Executive Vice President in charge of students)

YAMAMOTO Yasuji (Director, Medical Center for Student Health) 

 (Student Support Division)