About mental health and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • June 17, 2020
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As students, you are currently facing a situation that you have never experienced before. In order to prevent the virus’s spread, the majority of lectures are being held online and you are generally prohibited from entering university campuses. In addition, some of you may have lost your part time job or had your hours reduced.

Consequently, you are likely to feel more stressed the longer these circumstances continue. Being in very stressful circumstances for a long period of time can have various effects on people. For example, it may cause symptoms such as a headache, dizziness, irritation, a lack of motivation and a shorter attention span. It might also cause you to make simple mistakes that you wouldn’t normally make.

Rest assured that these are natural reactions to psychological stress. If you experience such symptoms, please refer to the following methods of coping with stress to help you to recover and maintain your mental and physical health:

How to cope with stress and anxiety

1.       Fix your circadian rhythm (i.e. try to maintain a regular sleep cycle)

2.       Recognize that it is natural to feel uneasy.

3.       Try to do something that relaxes you.

4.       Make sure you have opportunities to talk to your friend(s) or family member(s) even if it is only a short conversation.

5.       Read information on authorities’ official websites about looking after your mental health in the current circumstances but also do not spend too long reading about it:

At the Medical Center for Student Health, there are doctors and nurses as well as counselors who can provide consultations or advice regarding physical or mental health problems. If you feel uneasy, anxious, or depressed about your university life, or if you have something you would like to discuss regarding your relationships with family and friend(s), please contact us and schedule a "Mental Health Consultation". For the time being, consultations are being conducted by phone or online as a general rule due to coronavirus prevention measures. Please contact us to make an appointment.

For those who think they are coping, please take the following questionnaire (K6). If you get a high score, this suggests that you may be depressed or anxious. In that case, please feel free to contact a medical institution or the Medical Center for Student Health, where you can book a consultation with specialist staff. (For your reference, over 10 points means that you should pay special attention to your symptoms. If you have a score of over 13 points, we recommend that you see a doctor.)


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