Important: Measures regarding the bomb warning sent to the University

  • August 12, 2020
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August 12, 2020

To all students, staff and related persons,

A message stating that 13 of Kobe University’s major buildings would be blown up on August 19 (Wednesday) at 2pm was submitted via the Information Science and Technology Center’s contact page.

We are currently cooperating with the police about this matter and increasing security; such as by checking for suspicious items throughout the university, being on alert for suspicious persons and conducting patrols around the campuses.

Moreover, the safety of our students, staff and related personnel is paramount. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and cooperation with the following measures regarding August 19 (Wednesday):

  1. Access to the University campuses is restricted:
    i. Undergraduate and graduate students are forbidden from entering the University campuses on August 19.
    ii. Some staff will work the bare minimum necessary on campus for security and contact reasons. All other staff will stay at home.

  2. Regarding classes etc.
    i. Activities taking place on campus, such as face to face classes, seminars, experiments and practicals, are forbidden.
    ii. Teaching staff will conduct online classes from home/an off-campus location.
    iii. Please check the information about how classes etc. will be conducted and class cancellations via the appropriate faculty/graduate school’s homepage or the University’s internal system ‘Uribo Portal’.

  3. Other measures 
    i. The entrance examinations and other events due to be held on August 19 (Wednesday) will be rescheduled. Please check the applicable faculty/graduate school homepage or contact the person in charge of the department.
    ii. If you see a suspicious item or person(s) on campus or nearby, please contact the nearest administration office or the security guard office etc. immediately.
    iii.The University Hospital will continue to provide medical care after thorough safety checks have been carried out.  

TAKEDA Hiroshi (Kobe University President)


In charge of this matter:

General Affairs Group,
General Affairs Section,
General Affairs Department

Contact: 078-803-5286, 5015