Message from the President to all students

  • April 21, 2021
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To all students of Kobe University,

Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the number of novel coronavirus cases in Osaka and Hyogo Prefecture. Under these serious circumstances, Kobe University is thoroughly enforcing infection prevention measures in accordance with Hyogo Prefecture’s policies, while providing a flexible combination of in-person and remote classes and striving to guarantee the quality of our education.

In addition, we are aware that some students, such as those with underlying health conditions and those living with elderly family members, may be feeling anxious about attending face-to-face classes. If this applies to you, please first discuss the matter with the faculty member in charge of the course before contacting the administration offices of your affiliated faculty or graduate school.

Since last academic year, Kobe University has been making every effort to tackle the novel coronavirus by enacting various measures so that we can continue to offer our students a meaningful university experience through classes, research and extracurricular activities.

Your cooperation, and that of every single student, faculty and staff member is essential to these efforts. I would like for us to overcome these difficulties together- with each person not only taking steps to protect themselves but also following measures to protect others from infection and exercising self-restraint.

President FUJISAWA Masato

April 16, 2021.