Update regarding the conduction of Semester 1 classes in AY2021

  • April 21, 2021
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April 19, 2021

To all students,

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, Kobe University made the decision to hold Semester 1 classes primarily in-person while prioritizing thorough anti-infection measures, so that we could prevent the spread of the virus and guarantee learning opportunities to our students. However, in light of the recent widespread increase in cases, classes that can be held remotely will now be sequentially conducted online.

For information on how each individual class will be held, please see the website of the faculty or graduate school responsible for conducting that class or the College for Liberal Arts and Sciences homepage etc.

Please note that all classes may be conducted online in the future as a response to the infection situation or requests from the central/local government. Please check the aforementioned websites frequently to obtain the latest information on classes.

(Student Affairs Division)