FAQ about the Novel Coronavirus Vaccine

  • July 7, 2021
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July 7, 2021

Q. I did not reply to the survey on ANPIC (the university’s safety confirmation system) about the vaccinations, can I still get vaccinated at Kobe University? / I responded via ANPIC that I don’t want to be vaccinated but I changed my mind.
A. The survey on ANPIC was a preliminary survey to gauge the number of required doses. You can still apply to be vaccinated if you wish, regardless of your response to the survey. Please check the Kobe University website page ‘Important: Regarding Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Administration’ for information about making a reservation.
Q. All the reservation slots are taken. Can I make a reservation next time? / When will reservations reopen?
A. We plan to take reservations for the 1st dose up until early August. The University receives information about vaccine supply from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in weekly units, therefore we will open up reservations in one week blocks accordingly. Please regularly check the University website page ‘Important: Regarding Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Administration’ for more information.
Q. Is there a system where I can sign up for cancelled vaccination appointments?
A. We do not have a cancellation waiting list system.
Q. I don’t have a Vaccination Coupon. Can I still get vaccinated?
Yes, you can still be vaccinated at Kobe University. Those who don’t have a Vaccination Coupon should bring the following on their vaccination day:

Vaccination Record

・ Student ID card

・ Confirmation of your current address (e.g. either your My Number Card, Driving License, or Social Insurance Card)

Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire

Q. I am registered as a resident at an address not in Kobe City. Can I still get vaccinated?
A. Vaccinations offered at Kobe University are intended for its students, so you can still receive your vaccination regardless of the location of your registered address in Japan. Please write your registered address on your Pre-Vaccination Screening Questionnaire.
Q. My Vaccination Coupon arrived after I received my 1st dose.
A. On the day of your 2nd dose, please bring your Vaccination Coupon and the Vaccination Record that you brought at the time of the first dose.
Q. I am in a place far away from Kobe now and I cannot/don’t want to travel to Kobe University for my vaccination.
A. Please arrange your vaccination through the vaccination program in the area where you are now living.
Q. Can I receive my 1st and 2nd doses at different venues?
A. As there are different types of vaccines, you cannot receive your 1st and 2nd dose at different locations. Please receive both doses at the same vaccination venue.
Q. Will I be treated unfavorably if I don’t get vaccinated?
A. The vaccinations are voluntary, not enforced, so you will not be treated differently if you decide not to get vaccinated. The government has also issued an announcement stating that unvaccinated people should not be discriminated against.

(Student Support Division)