Feb 2022: 2nd application period: Emergency Student Support Handout to enable students to continue their studies

  • February 4, 2022
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Updated January 6, 2022

Updated February 4, 2022

This page will be updated as needed, for example with additional information from MEXT, so please check it frequently.

The 2nd application period is now open

(The 1st application period (Jan 4th~14th 2022) is now closed).

Notes regarding the 2nd application period:

  • Those who applied during the 1st application period cannot apply during the 2nd application period
  • Some students who applied during the 1st application period have not recieved the fund transfer to their bank accounts as their applications are under review. These students do not need to reapply during the 2nd application period.

An Emergency Student Support Handout has been set up by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) to support students who have suffered a great loss of income from their part-time jobs etc. due to the novel coronavirus situation, and are struggling to continue their studies as a consequence.

Payment amount: 100,000yen

Eligibility: undergraduate and graduate students (regular students only; research students and auditing students etc. cannot apply.)

In principle, this handout applies to students who were reliant on income from their part-time job to pay their studying costs but due to the coronavirus outbreak experienced a significant decrease or loss of this income, and as a result are struggling to pay their tuition fees etc., even with existing student support (Please see the MEXT website for more details).

Students who wish to apply for the Emergency Student Support Handout should read the instructions below thoroughly and submit their application during the submission period.

1. The following students do not need to submit an application: Undergraduates receiving benefit scholarships under the New Higher Education Support System or those receiving a benefit scholarship that began in 2017 who received a payment on December 10, 2021.

These students automatically qualify for the handout and the money will be transferred into their registered bank account by JASSO. The above students were informed about this via an email sent to their student ID email address on December 22, so please check your inbox.

2. All other students must submit an application:

Please follow the process below and submit your application during the submission period.

Application Process (by post only):

Please read the Application Guide thoroughly and check that you meet the eligible applicant criteria before submitting the required documents during the submission period. Make sure that you have filled out all the necessary fields and included all the required documents.

Submission Deadline (no extensions):

1st application period: Tuesday January 4, 2022 – Friday January 14, 2022 (5pm) (Finished)

2nd application period: Friday February 4, 2022 - Tuesday February 15, 2022 (5pm)

Submission Address: Address Label link

Please send your application by Letter Pack Light (a type of registered mail available at the Post Office). Download and print out the following Japanese address label. Please glue this to the “お届け先 (To)” space on the Letter Pack Light sending slip. Please make sure that you keep your sending receipt and enter the tracking number on the Post Office homepage to confirm that the documents have arrived safely.

Note: you cannot submit this application from overseas.

Documents to submit

 No.  Name of form/document Those who need to submit it/details 
 1  ‘Form 1: Application Form’ and ‘Form 2: Oath’ (required)  Form 1 and Form 2 are in the same Excel File that you can download from the link on the left.
 2 Copy of your apartment contract showing your monthly rent  For students not living at home
 3 Personal declaration (A4) stating that you are a self-supporting student who is NOT receiving financial support from their family  For students living at home
 4  ‘Certificate proving receipt of public support in response to the novel coronavirus’ (copy)  A4 size, if available to submit.
 5 Copies of payslips from your part-time job or copies of bank book pages showing the salary from your part-time job A4 size, showing your part-time job income before AND after it decreased.
 6  A copy of your scholarship certificate or other proof of scholarship  A4 size, if available to submit.
 7  Resident tax certificate or certificate of exemption from residence tax (Original, if available to submit)

> applicants
> certificates for both parents (if you have a single parent- only their certificate is required)

For those who are not self-funded international students.
The original must be submitted (a copy will not be accepted)
 8  Copy of health Insurance card For independent students.
In cases where the applicant or the applicant’s spouse is the insured person. (If the applicant is listed as a dependent on their parent’s health insurance etc., then they will not be recognized as an independent student)
 9  Form 3: ‘Report of Economic Balance’  For self-funded international students.
10  Bank Account details (for the payment transfer)
 Students must fill in their bank account information through the Kobe University ‘Bank transfer application for individuals’ online form (The handout can only be paid into Japanese bank accounts).
JASSO scholarship students do not need to fill in their bank details, unless the bank account that they previously registered with JASSO is no longer usable (eg. it has been closed). They are also required to inform JASSO of the change of bank details regarding their scholarship.
11   Document to confirm the account details for your bank transfer (ie. a copy of your bank book showing the account number)  A4 size
*If you submitted your bank details in Point 10, you need to submit confirmation of your account details.

Other Points

  • If you are unsure about how to apply, please check the FAQ section on page 10 of the Application Guide.
  • If you cannot find the answer in the FAQ, please email the Kobe University Student Support Division via the address below.
  • Details regarding this handout may be updated by MEXT from time to time, so please check for the latest information.
  • The bank transfer will serve as notification that you were chosen to recieve the handout


Please send all inquiries by email to the Kobe University Student Support Division: stdnt-corona-shien[at] (please replace ‘at’ with @ ) (updated January 6, 2022)