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Immerse yourself in all things Japanese in the historic city of Kobe

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


Prof. YUI Kiyomitsu - Graduate School of Humanities

Kobe University is located in an outward-looking international city and this is reflected in our worldview: our Charter on Education calls for “education to promote international awareness” and our Charter on Research describes “a base for international exchange and collaboration in academic research”. The University has established itself as an international education and research base aiming for global excellence, and a multidisciplinary research university.

Building on these foundations, on 1 April 2016 we will begin a new interdisciplinary Japanese studies program; Kobe University Educational Program on Current Japan (KU-EPOCJ). Conducted in English, this program will examine modern Japan from multiple perspectives: society, culture, science and technology, history, the legal system, politics, and business models. Global interest in Japan continues to grow, and this program aims to respond to the needs of those who wish to carry out Japan-related research without a deep knowledge of the Japanese language. Through this program, we will provide more international students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of modern Japan.