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A technology that will revolutionize our daily lives

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


Prof. TSUKAMOTO Masahiko - Graduate School of Engineering

Lights glimmer on black clothing in a dance performance – these lights are emitted from wearable computers, one of the creations from my research laboratory. Wearable computers are not used only when needed like smartphones: they are a device attached to the body which enables users to continuously receive information through the eyes and ears. I am dedicated to the development and popularization of these devices. I believe that wearable computers will free people, enriching and improving real-world communication by, for example, sharing a movie of what happened in your day while talking to friends, or playing music to suit the mood. I myself have been wearing a head-mounted display daily for the past 14 years.

I actively encourage collaborations with other fields: students in my laboratory engage in rewarding research by incorporating their hobbies and interests. A drummer creates performances that use both real drums and quick-recognition virtual drums, and a marathon-enthusiast is working on measuring and displaying biodata in real time. This is an opportunity to discover new possibilities by combining unique technology with your specialist field.