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Admission Policy of the Faculty of Intercultural Studies

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


The Faculty of Intercultural Studies' educational goal is to train students to make effective use of deep cross-cultural understanding and versatile communication skills in order to assess the current state of the globalizing world and to meet the social demands of the global age. This aim is reflected in the Faculty's motto, "active intellectuals with transnational and cross-cultural competence".

The Faculty of Intercultural Studies seeks students

  • who can address and consider various issues, make sound decisions and respond to these issues independently and proactively.
  • who strongly desire to achieve an understanding of foreign cultures as well as diverse societies.
  • who can think rationally and who have outstanding competence in Japanese and foreign languages.
  • who possess the basic knowledge to approach modern cultural issues with an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • who aspire to contribute to society on a global scale.