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Degree Awarding Policy of Kobe University

  • Updated on March 1, 2016


Working in the spirit of integrity, freedom, and cooperation which is supported by the open and globally-focused academic culture, Kobe University aims to contribute to the advancement of learning, well-being of humankind, preservation of the global environment, and world peace through nurturing excellent students who possess individuality, humanity, and leadership.

Toward the achievement of its mission, in order to guarantee the education of the highest standard and outstanding quality at both faculties and graduate schools, the University awards degrees to those students who complete its educational programs in line with the following two policies.

  • Students shall study at a faculty or graduate school for the designated period, obtain the required credits for graduation or completion, and pass the examinations prescribed by the faculty or graduate school.
  • The learning goals that must be attained by students in each program by the time of graduation or completion are the following:
  • [Enriched Humanity]
    To act as well-educated, independent members of society equipped with high ethical standards and a good balance of intellect, reason, and emotion.
    To inherit traditional thoughts and methodology from a critical perspective, and to independently set innovative themes and solve them creatively.
    [International Awareness]
    To respect diverse values, strive to understand other cultures deeply, and display an excellent command of communication.
    To acquire a broad range of knowledge and specialized skills at the undergraduate level, and acquire deeper knowledge and highly advanced expertise at the graduate level, in order to exert a leadership role in professional and/or academic fields.


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