Asian Law in Disasters:Towards a Human-Centered Recovery

阪神淡路大震災の経験を受け継ぐ神戸大学の文理連携の研究陣が、東日本大震災被災地における岩手大学他の研究陣との共同研究を踏まえ、インドネシア・中 国・トルコ・タイ・フィリピン他の海外執筆陣を迎え、アジアの被災地の内側から災害復興のあり方を問い直す、国際研究協力の成果である。2015年に登場した 「仙台減災フレームワーク」が強調した"Build Back Better"のスローガンが、 果たして被災者・被災地の安全と生活再建に資する「人間中心」の方向で進むのか、あるいはインフラ開発の称揚に終わるのか、今後の法制度基盤のゆくえを展望する意欲的な研究書である。防災・災害復興に関心を寄せる多くの読者の手に届くことを願っている。

(国際協力研究科・教授 金子 由芳)


Part-1 : Typology of Asian Disaster Law: Beyond the Developmental State Model
1. Yuka Kaneko, Lessons from the 2011 East Japan Earthquake: Issues of Participation and Early Recovery
2. Li Weihai, Natural Disaster Relief in China: Experiences and Shortcomings in the 2008 Wenchuan Great Earthquake and Thereafter
3. A Tolga Ozden and Burcak Erkan, From Healer State to Protector State: A Critical Evaluation of Painful Development Struggles in Legal and Administrative Understanding in Disaster Management of Turkey from 1509 to 2010
4. Taqwaddin Husin & Teuku Alvisyahrin, The Legal Framework of Community-Based Land Administration inTsunami-Impacted Areas of Aceh: a case study in Baitussalam Sub-District, Aceh Besar District, Indonesia
5. Kanongnij Sribuaiam, Roles of Laws Relating to Post-2004 Tsunami Management in Thailand
6. Ebinezer Florano, Joe-Mar S. Perez, and Abel Pyneiro, Building Back Better: Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery in the Philippines
Part-2 : Aid, Compensation, or Insurance?: In Sought for Effective Institutional Basis for Early Recovery
7. Eichi Yamazaki, Legislation to Support to Disaster Victims in Japan
8. Tamiyo Kondo, Compensation or Assistance? Law and Policy for Post-disaster Housing Recovery in the U.S and Japan
9. Michael White, Lessons from the Canterbury Earthquakes: Adequacy of a first loss insurance scheme for natural disasters
10.Wakana Takahashi, The Divided Fate of Victims after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
11.Takayuki Ii, The Role of the Legal Services after the 2011 East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami
Part-3: Redefining the Recovery: Law for Human-Centered Recovery vs. Build Back Better
12.Yuichi Honjyo, Lessons Learned from a Comparison of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
13.Katsumi Matsuoka, “Promptness” in Housing Reconstruction in the Post-2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery
14.Elizabeth Toomy, The Complexities of Land Acquisition and Zoning after the Canterbury New Zealand Earthquake
15.Akihiko Hokugo, A Comparative Approach to the Post-2001 Gujarat Earthquake Recovery in India
16.Yung-Fang Chen, Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Taiwan
17.Toshihisa Toyoda, The Framework of International Cooperation for Disaster Management and Japan’s Contribution