Japanese Management in Change





Chapter 1: Japanese Management in Change
Chapter 2: The Perceived Development and Unperceived Decline of Corporate Governance in Japan
Chapter 3: Empirical analysis of the influence of outside directors on Japanese firm performance
Chapter 4: The Social Roles of Japanese Companies under the "New Public" Policy
Chapter 5: Formation of the New Japanese Style Management Strategy
Chapter 6: Strategy and inter-organizational relations of Japanese companies
Chapter 7: Financial Market Globalization and Its Influence on Japanese Firms
Chapter 8: Electronic Book Publishing Formats and the Response of Japanese Publishers
Chapter 9: “Limited Regular Employees” and Boundary of Employment
Chapter 10: Changes in performance appraisal in Japanese companies
Chapter 11: Leadership skills for enhancing subordinates’ ability to learn from experience
Chapter 12: The Study of Career and Promotion Systems in Japan
Chapter 13: A Discussion of the Development of Work-Life Balance in Japan

(経営学研究科・教授 上林 憲雄)