Study in Kobe


Exchange students will belong to one of the faculties or graduate schools at Kobe University. Within each faculty/graduate school, they will have an academic advisor or a tutor from the faculty/Graduate school to consult academic matters.

Faculties (Undergraduate programs)
Graduate Schools (Graduate programs)

  • Syllabus (for external use)
    How to search for courses in the syllabus: PDF  
  • Courses offered in English  (for reference)
    The list is a reference material for promoting. There is a possibility that courses printed on the list might be changed. The latest course information can be checked with the syllabus.
  • Kobe University Educational Program on Current Japan
    The Kobe University Educational Program on Current Japan is an English/ English & Japanese-taught course newly established in April 2016. It is open to exchange students at both undergraduate and graduate (Master's) levels. This course focuses on current issues in Japan covering a broad range of disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, and advanced science and technology subjects for cutting-edge research as well.
  • Japanese Language Courses
    The Center for International Education (CIE) offers Japanese language courses for free for exchange students.
    【Non-credit bearing Courses】
     -Integrated Japanese Course is open for all exchange students.
     -Intensive Japanese Course is developed for MEXT (government) Scholarship students. Exchange students can be enrolled in this course on an availability basis only.
    【Credit bearing Course】
     -Japanese Language and Japanese Studies Course (advanced level) is for undergraduate students only.