Kobe University aims to establish itself as a hub for the accumulation of world class knowledge. As part of our efforts to achieve this goal, we have set up our own strategic grant scheme for international joint research, which is called the ‘Kobe University Strategic International Collaborative Research Grant’. We have implemented the following three schemes to create and develop outstanding international collaborative research projects.

Type A: International Co-authored Paper Incentive

Kobe University promotes international collaborative research among all researchers by providing research incentive grants based on the quantity of international co-authored papers that have been written.

Type B: Fostering Joint Research

Kobe University provides grants of up to five million yen per year for three years to research projects that aim to become world-class research centers. The grants fund research projects with around five researchers (including at least one young researcher) that aim to build international research networks.

List of selected projects (FY2022-2024)

AffiliationProjectPrincipal Investigator
Graduate School of Medicine

Development of a global-standard, minimally invasive, functional brain network mapping technique for brain surgery

Graduate School of Medicine

Establishing an Asian network to develop a novel treatment for prostate cancer

Graduate School of Engineering

Establishment of an international consortium on high refractive index nanoparticle nanoantenna

Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Establishment of an international agricultural research platform for sustainable food production

Research Center for Urban Safety and Security

Elucidation of generation mechanism of great earthquakes in Japan, Mexico, and Chile

Engineering Biology Research Center

Development of the next-generation bio-foundry through interdisciplinary co-creation

Research Center for Membrane and Film Technology

Advancing the realization of SDGs and carbon neutral society via the collaborative activities under the membrane international consortium on research and education


Type C: Creating Joint Research

Kobe University awards grants of up to five million yen to one-year research projects that promote international academic activities under their respective graduate school/research center’s strategy. Each project will strengthen the international research capabilities of its graduate school/research center by using the grant to employ international researchers.

List of selected projects (FY2023)

AffiliationProjectsPrincipal Investigator
Graduate School of HumanitiesItalian-Japanese Project for Atmospheric StudiesHISAYAMA Yuho
Graduate School of Intercultural StudiesComparative Studies of Literatures and AnthropologyUMEYA Kiyoshi
Graduate School of Human Development and EnvironmentResearch Network for Applied Human and Environmental Physiology in Asia and OceaniaKONDO Narihiko
Graduate School of MedicineAutism gut-brain axisTAKUMI Toru
Graduate School of Health SciencesDevelopment of a new strategy for healthy longevity by nanoparticleimmunity interactionMAESHIGE Noriaki
Graduate School of EngineeringHighly Sensitive Chiral Sensing Utilizing NanoparticlesSUGIMOTO Hiroshi
Graduate School of Agricultural ScienceElucidation of disease resistance mechanisms in the genus BrassicaFUJIMOTO Ryo
Graduate School of International Cooperation StudiesThe Rule-based International Order after the Russian aggression of Ukraine: Multidisciplinary researchOKADA Yohei
Graduate School of Science, Technology and InnovationEstablishment of a novel culture method for aerobic micro-organisms without aeration and its application to bioproductionYOSHIDA Ken'ichi
Research Center for Urban Safety and SecurityMachine learning applications to global flood risk assessmentTAKIGUCHI Tetsuya
Molecular Photoscience Research CenterLow-frequency modes studied by Terahertz spectroscopy and solid-state density functional theoryTOMINAGA Keisuke
Engineering Biology Research CenterDevelopment of next-generation bio-manufacturing technology by engineering biologyHASUNUMA Tomohisa
Advanced Research Center for Well-beingDifferences and similarities of lifelong learning: International comparison of Japan and IrelandKATAGIRI Keiko
Research Institute for Economics and Business AdministrationEconomic evaluation of the informal economy in AfricaHAMAGUCHI Nobuaki

List of selected projects (FY2022)

Graduate School of HumanitiesInternational expansion of research on Japanese languageTANAKA Shin'ichi
Graduate School of Business AdministrationThe effect of climate change on organization design and corporate strategyMINAMI Chieko
Graduate School of ScienceFundamental study of artificial photosynthesis with seawaterONISHI Hiroshi
Graduate School of Maritime SciencesDevelopment of high power density electric power converters for low-carbonized data centerMISHIMA Tomokazu
Graduate School of International Cooperation StudiesAfter Ukraine: The resilience of the polar governance regimesSHIBATA Akiho
Research Institute for Economics and Business AdministrationInternational research network construction project in economics and business administrationYAMORI Nobuyoshi
Center for Social Systems InnovationA Japan-Korea comparison of household behavior and parent-child relationSUZUKI Kazumi
Engineering Biology Research CenterEnvironmentally benign bio-production of functional materials through advanced metabolic engineeringHASUNUMA Tomohisa