Adopted on 25 Nov. 2008

Kobe University, in recognition of its particular mission and responsibility to the people of the world as a national university, as well as its social, historical and regional roles as a base of academic research that pursues deeper truthsfor the creation of new knowledge, hereby adopts this Kobe University Charter on Research.

Research Philosophy

As our fundamental research philosophy, Kobe University pledges to contribute to the happiness of humankind, preservation of the global environment and to world peace through the advancement of academic research.

Research Goals

Kobe University establishes the following goals based on its Research Philosophy.

  1. To further develop human knowledge, and disseminate outstanding research results to the world with special emphasis on originality that clears a new path to knowledge.
  2. To utilize this cosmopolitan city’s open atmosphere to become a key institute which attracts international academic research exchanges and collaborations.
  3. To develop a wide variety of specialized research and create new research fields through alliances and integrated work amongst the comprehensive university’s diverse research disciplines.

Research Framework

Kobe University establishes the following research framework to fulfill its Philosophy and Goals.

  1. Advocate for the freedom and independence of all academic research.
  2. Respect researchers’ autonomy and spontaneity while strategically developing collaborative research.
  3. Inspect research activities thoroughly for the betterment of the research framework.
  4. Contribute to the development of the society by fostering outstanding future researchers and by returning the fruit of research results to society.

Research Ethics

Abiding by the code of conduct for scientists, Kobe University pledges to carry out research that is trusted and relied upon by society.