International students who are resident in Japan with a “Student” status of residence must receive permission in order to work. Only those who need supplemental income to pay for their education and living expenses will be able to obtain a “Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted” from the Immigration Bureau which controls your residing area, allowing them to work part-time. Please be sure to obtain the permit before engaging in any work. Those who work without this permission will be subject to punishment or deportation from Japan.

Please bring your passport and residence card to the Academic Affairs Section of the faculty/graduate school once you receive this permission.

Permissible Working Hours (Comprehensive Permit)

Up to 28 hours per week
During long-term holidays (Spring, Summer, Winter) as set by the University, students are allowed to work for up to 8 hours per day (up to 40 hours per week).

How to apply

Documents to be submitted:

Application Procedures

Submit the above documents to the Immigration Bureau which controls your residing area.
In principle, the permit will be issued on the day you submit the application. It may, however, be issued at a later date.


  • If you are a new international student (except for those who have a 3-month visa), you can apply for a Work Permit at the port of entry in principle. Those entering Japan with a re-entry permit are not eligible.
  • The application for the Work Permit can be made before the place or type of work have been determined. Re-application is not required if the place of work is changed.
  • The Work Permit has a duration limit. It will expire when your "student" visa period expires. Each time you apply for permission to extend your period of stay you must also re-apply for work permission. You can apply for a Work Permit and Extension of the Period of Residence simultaneously at the Kobe Branch Office of the Immigration Bureau. You must bring your passport and your residence card to the Academic Affairs Section of your faculty/graduate school when you reapply for the permit and receive permission.
  • Working at questionable establishments such as bars, clubs, hostess clubs, etc. (including cleaning and washing dishes) is not permitted.
  • If you are on a leave of absence from the university, you are not allowed to have a part-time job.


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