In the Department of Information Science, we aim to explore and expand new academic fields of information science and technology that will contribute to an advanced information society. The Department thus provides students with a balanced education experience not only in computer programming, but also in the search for new methodologies related to the construction of basic mathematical information theories and information processing, as well as advanced information application technology. The focus is on computers, networks, information systems that organically combine these components, and the knowledge and media that forms the content of these systems.

Research Groups

Foundations of Information Science

The Foundation of Information Sciences program provides students with an education and research experience in mathematical information infrastructure theories, and element technologies for information processing.

Intelligent Informatics

This program provides a course in the methodologies, algorithms, and applications for information expression, acquisition, and processing.

Kansei and Media Art (Collaborative Program : Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International)

About the Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Programs in the Graduate School of System Informatics build on the Master’s Programs, aiming to produce individuals who will go on to become researchers, teachers in a higher education research organization, or advanced specialist employees. Our graduates are globally-minded, with the ability to identify and solve issues, and a creativity that enables them to contribute to the creation of new knowledge and value systems.

Key Information

  • Degree Programme
    Doctor of Philosophy in
    System Informatics,
    Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering,
    Doctor of Philosophy,
    Doctor of Philosophy in Computational
  • Subject area
    Foundation of Information Sciences,
    Intelligent Informatics,
    Kansei and Media Art
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Total Intake (AY 2015)


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