This Center provides ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure to support the educational, research, and administrative activities of all members of the university including students, faculties, and staffs. This infrastructure includes a student PC system, user ID management system, an email system, a network system for information exchange, and other information systems.

There are about 1,300 iMac computers in various locations including the center’s branch office, classrooms in the Rokkodai, Myodani, and Fukae campuses, and all libraries. These are available for all students to use. Students can use them to read emails and personal files, carry out research and write research papers.

If you wish to use the Internet on campus, you can configure your laptop’s network setting through one of the wireless LAN access points on campus.

Basic Services


The Center issues accounts which grant users access to ICT systems provided by KAISER (Kobe Academic Information System for Education and Research), network services provided by KHAN (Kobe university Hyper Academic Network), and administrative systems.

Student PC (CAESAR)

University members can use the iMacs available on-campus for studying.

Personal Email

You can send and receive email from student PCs, laboratories, and your home.

Campus Software License

Kobe University has signed a comprehensive set of license agreements with Microsoft. Students can use various softwares including Windows OS and Microsoft Office as part of this contract.

University Wireless LAN

This service offers wireless LAN access points so that you can connect your computer to the University network.

Personal Web Page

This service enables users to have own personal web page accessible from the Internet.


This service enables you to use the same network environment both on- and off-campus. Access can be gained via external Internet service providers.

Authenticated LAN Port

This service enables you to connect your computer to the university network from classrooms.

Authenticated Web Proxy

This service enables you to browse access-controlled web pages from your computer at home or other locations.

Academic Access Management Federation in Japan (GakuNin)

This service enables users to be granted with various online services (such as online journal services) through GakuNin (the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan). See University Library web page for more details.


University members can use the learning management system called “LMS BEEF”.