Kobe University, working in a spirit of integrity, freedom, and cooperation in keeping with its open and cosmopolitan culture and environs, aims to contribute to the global community through the creation of knowledge founded on universal values and the fostering of rich understanding and strong leadership skills.


Our Vision

Towards a global hub for the multidisciplinary co-creation of research and education that cultivates profound knowledge and outstanding innovators.

Kobe University is an academic institution that has continued to encourage forward-looking and independent thinking in working towards our ideal of creating ‘harmony between theory and reality’. Based on our spirit of ‘integrity, freedom and cooperation’, we seek to build upon our rich academic traditions of pursuing the truth, social implementation, and bolstering people’s knowledge and merits. In this way, Kobe University has shored up the foundations of society and revitalized industry and the economy, while contributing towards the resolution of various issues facing the world.

In continuing these traditions, we propose our long-term vision of further advancing and developing as a ‘global hub for the multidisciplinary co-creation of research and education that cultivates profound knowledge and outstanding innovators’, employing our strengths in literature, humanities and social sciences combined with the natural and biomedical sciences to invigorate society. In other words, we aim to become a world-class center for the multidisciplinary co-creation of education and research in order to meet the needs of a post-pandemic, knowledge-based digital society with a rapidly aging population. This will involve putting all our strengths into enhancing and promoting varied collaborations and joint efforts, cultivating invaluable human resources who can resolve current and future societal issues; bringing about innovation through the creation of new knowledge and values.

In our education, we place great importance upon fostering the diversity, internationality, excellence and adaptability that are necessary to thrive in a new sustainable society. Kobe University will develop its knowledge resources using AI, IOT, big data analysis and fundamental information technology, producing graduates who are able to create new values and implement them into society. To this aim, Kobe University shall defy the boundaries between academic fields, collaborate with society, and promote practical learning, value creation and data science education that incorporates the knowledge, skills and techniques required for industry-government-academia co-creation.

In our research, we emphasize autonomy; harnessing intellectual and creative strength to pursue the truth through our fundamental research, as well as working together with local communities on applied research. As a globally-focused university with roots in the international and pioneering Kobe area, we have a duty to respond to society’s needs and expectations. Kobe University will become an eminent research hub that propels the world towards new horizons through joint ventures with industries and local governments among others. We also aim to resolve the worldwide issues specified in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by cultivating the knowledge and innovation required to excel in cutting-edge research and returning the fruits of these efforts to society. In addition, we will establish a resilient innovation ecosystem. This will strengthen our ability to adapt to the diverse, complex and fluid structure of post-corona society and shifts in academic direction, improve our resilience by flexibly drawing upon our persistent, continued successes, and bolster our research strengths.

Furthermore, Kobe University strives to offer a diverse and inclusive environment in which every single member can fully contribute their respective strengths in research, education and administration. At the same time, we are creatively reforming Kobe University’s governance and administration under the president’s leadership to establish a strong, highly flexible and autonomous foundation for the university’s research, education and operation. By combining the talents of the entire university, we will explore new frontiers in academic research and education.

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